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22.09.2009, 12:42
25.04.2013, 13:27
I am always aseumd to hear something praised as being made "without chemicals", as if it was possible to make something out of pure elements without using chemical compounds. Water is a chemical, and so is casein. On the other hand such terrible "unnatural chemicals" as sulphuric acid, formaldehyde and cyanide are perfectly natural, made by Mother Nature. I get what they are trying to say, but it's still stupid.It might be a good lure for more gullible people, but I am simply turned off by the misleading, woo wooish claims of the anti-ageing and regulatory functions of casein in this context. I can pretty much guarantee the casein in QMilch won't affect your circulation in any way. At least if you just wear it and don't eat it.
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